Top 5 Best Selling Musical Instruments in the world today

Band performing live

There are thousands of musical instruments available in the market today. Some are expensive while others are cheap.

However, there are some musical instruments which are very famous and sold all around the globe.

These top five best selling musical instruments in the world today are listed below.

From guitars to drums, pianos to violins, here are the top five best selling musical instruments in the world today.


The piano is by far the most popular instrument in the world. In fact, it is the second most popular instrument after the violin.

It is estimated that there are over 30 million pianos in the world today. That means that every single person in the world owns at least one.

And if you think that owning a piano is only for rich people, then think again. According to statistics, the average price of a new piano ranges from $1,000-$3,000.

While many people prefer to buy a brand new piano, they may find it difficult to afford one. If you do own a piano, then you should know how to play it properly.

A good quality piano requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, it could become damaged. Therefore, it is important to keep up with the maintenance schedule.

You can learn how to play the piano by watching videos on YouTube. But before you start playing, you must ensure that you are well prepared.


The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It is played by many musicians from different genres. In fact, the guitar is considered the most versatile instrument. It is possible to play almost any type of music with the help of the guitar.

It is also one of the most important instruments when it comes to learning how to play the guitar. If you want to learn how to play the guitar then you should start with the guitar lessons.

The best way to learn how to play guitar is definitely by taking guitar lessons. This will help you improve your skills and become better at playing the guitar.


The saxophone is a woodwind instrument played by blowing air across a reed attached to a mouthpiece. It produces a sound similar to that of the clarinet, except that the saxophone’s range extends from low C to high Bb.

It is the second most popular wind instrument after the flute. In addition to its traditional role as a solo instrument, the saxophone is often used in jazz ensembles, chamber music, symphonies, and pop/rock bands.

The saxophone is made up of four sections: the body, neck, head, and bell. The body is usually made of metal, plastic, or wood. The neck connects the body to the head, which holds the reed. The head is where the pitch is controlled by moving the lips against the mouthpiece. The bell is the part that makes the sound when air is blown into it. 


Drums are among the most popular musical instruments in the world. They are played by musicians from different countries and cultures. Drummers play the drums with sticks and hands.

The drum kit consists of a set of drums, cymbals, percussion instruments, and accessories. Drum kits vary depending on the type of music being performed.

Some of the most common types of drums include acoustic drums, electronic drums, and hybrid drums. Acoustic drums are made of wood and metal. Electronic drums are usually made of plastic. Hybrid drums are a combination of both wooden and plastic drums.

Acoustic drums are typically used in rock, jazz, pop, and folk music. Electronic drums are often used in hip hop, heavy metal, and techno music. Hybrid drums are used in many genres of music.

Drumming is a physical activity that requires a lot of practice. Drummers must learn how to control the volume of sound produced by each drum. They must also learn how to strike the drums at the correct time.

Drummers may choose to buy new drums or they may repair existing ones. Drummers who wish to purchase new drums should consider purchasing a quality instrument. If a drummer wishes to repair his or her own drums, he or she should do so only after consulting an expert.

A professional musician would know what kind of drum is needed for a particular song. He or she could then recommend a suitable drum kit.

If a drummer wants to buy a drum kit, he or she should look for a kit that suits his or her style of playing. For instance, if a drummer plays fast paced songs, he or she should go for a faster drum kit.

Drummers who play slow songs should opt for slower drum kits. Drummers who play complex rhythms should go for a drum kit that includes multiple drums.

There are several companies that sell drum kits. Drummers can find a wide variety of drum kits at any store that sells musical equipment.

One of the most important things to remember when buying a drum kit is that the size of the drum kit depends on the size of the room where the drummer practices.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the price of a drum kit varies according to its features. Inexpensive drum kits have fewer features than more expensive ones.


The violin is a stringed instrument played by plucking the strings with the fingers. It is considered to be the most difficult stringed instrument to play. The violin is made from wood and metal. Most of the time, the violin is tuned to E-A-D-G-B-E. The violin is usually played solo or accompanied by another instrument.

It is believed that the violin originated in Northern India during the 16th century. In the 17th century, the violin became popular in Europe. During the 18th century, the violin spread throughout the rest of the world. Today, the violin is still being manufactured and sold.

The violin is often associated with classical music. However, many musicians who specialize in jazz, rock, pop, and country music play the violin.

The violin is typically made from wood and metal, although some modern violins are made from plastic. The sound box is usually made from spruce, maple, or rosewood. The bridge is usually made from ebony or rosewood. The neck is usually made from maple, mahogany, or walnut. The fingerboard is usually made from basswood. The tailpiece is usually made from ivory or bone. The bow is usually made from horsehair, catgut, or nylon.

There are different types of bows. The most common type of bow is called a fiddle bow. Fiddle bows come in different sizes. The size of the bow determines how loud the notes will sound. The larger the bow, the louder the note.

The violin is also known as the cello. However, the violin is much smaller than the cello. The violin is usually between 15 inches and 20 inches long. The violin is usually held vertically when playing.